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As do each of the other State Churches, the Presbyterian Church of South Australia meets as an Assembly, the membership of which consists of: all ministers who are members of either of the two Presbyteries; appointed elders, each charge or home mission station having the right to appoint one; and the officers of the Assembly.
The State Assembly is responsible for the oversight of the Presbyteries. It assigns the Presbytery name and approves their boundaries. It is also the responsibility of the Assembly to examine the records of all its committees and all presbyteries in its bounds to ensure that proper records are kept.

A State Assembly considers and transmits petitions, complaints and appeals. It originates and transmits overtures and considers those sent down under barrier act procedure. It enacts decisions sent down by the General Assembly of Australia. It also deals with any other correspondence or communications that is appropriate for the Assembly to deal with. The State Assembly also appoints some of the commissioners to the General Assembly of Australia. The number appointed will depend upon the size of the State Assembly, currently the South Australian Assembly appoints one minister and one elder.

The Assembly ordinarlily meets annually in late May and meets a second time, usually in November, as a Commission, to deal with business which has either been referred to it from the May meeting or has recently arisen and requires urgent action.
General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church of South Australia
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