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The Presbyterian Church of South Australia, a part of the Christian Church, is one of the constituent parts of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and stands in historic continuity with the Church of Scotland reformed in 1560.

It identifies its commencment as taking place on June 9, 1839 with the arrival of Rev. Ralph Drummond in Adelaide. The PCSA itself was founded in 1865 by the union of certain Presbyteries and Synods which were at that time organised within the colony of South Australia. These groups represented the Church of Scotland, the Free Presbyterian Church and the United Presbyterian Church.

In 1901 the six Australian State Presbyterian Churches entered in a Federal Union, which brought the Presbyterian Church of Australia into being.

As of August 2016 the Presbyterian Church of South Australia has

Our denominational name 'Presbyterian' comes from the Greek word presbuteros, which is the word for an elder or a mature Christian leader in the New Testament. The use of the name Presbyterian reflects the Church's aim of  faithfully adhering to the Bible as our authority for what we believe and what we do.

The following documents provide more information about the Presbyterian Church of Australia. The first is a general introduction, while the second is more detailed.

Welcome to the Presbyterian Church of Australia (118kb)

An Introduction to the Presbyterian Church of Australia (113kb)
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